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Our Environment

Our solutions respond to foreseeable climate changes and make use of green technologies and materials. This provides environmental benefit as well as additional comfort and savings for our clients. We design efficient solutions to minimise wastage (physical and financial) in any project. We create healthy environments by incorporating natural elements in spatial planning strategies. (Even to the extreme of planting thousands of trees in a single affordable housing development!!!)


Our goal of Corporate Social Responsibility is driven by our desire to help build an inclusive and successful Namibia. Our policies, as outlined below, provide us with a road-map on how best to leverage our core competencies while maximising our social and economic contributions and constantly improving our environmental performance. 


The Vision

We strive for the social and economic inclusion of all into the cities and economy of Namibia, preparing new foundations for future generations. We are leveraging our projects, core competencies, resources and networks to provide access to quality affordable services, infrastructure and housing within city borders and systems. We work towards preparing a new economic foundation for future generations to start from. We partner with NGO’s who work towards our vision so that we can share our learning and resources with them. 

Our Clients

We deliver innovative solutions for various clients that efficiently address their (and the market’s) constantly evolving needs, while simultaneously creating shared value for them and their direct community. We believe in human centred design and putting our clients/end beneficiaries at the heart of every solution. Building long term relationships with clients, we follow a reiterative cycle including prototyping, testing and client feedback. This, together with our own continuous data collection, ensures constant learning and improvement of our solutions, systems and ability to service our clients.



Our People

We treat every person with respect and do not tolerate any form of discrimination. Our people are our greatest asset, both those employed by us and those we work with. We are committed to developing individuals and helping them achieve their goals. The health, safety and welfare of each individual is an utmost priority.


Our Ethics

Transparency and open communication has been cemented into our operations over the past 25 years. We have a firm zero-tolerance policy for corruption, both internally and for any external partners or subcontractors.


Our Communities

We partner with both the public and private sectors from communities and municipalities to civil societies as we firmly believe sustainable solutions come from an all-inclusive approach. Strong community and regulatory support is also vital for implementation and maintenance success.  

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